Fireworks Factory Direct


Fireworks Factory Direct is a fireworks consolidator dedicated to serve US fireworks dealers with quality fireworks at a low cost.

We are found by industry veterans from both US and China.  We have been helping US companies import fireworks for many years and have developed a strong relationship with top fireworks manufacturers in China.  FireworksFactoryDirect (FFD) will offer you a reliable direct access to fireworks producers.  

 Here is what we do:

                                                             FFD has developed a united, strategic partnership with our factory suppliers.  Our factory brands are specific to each top factory in their respective categories.  Our factory brands only carry consistently good product lines and always produce them from the same factory year after year.  This is the best assurance of you getting the most reliable and top-quality products.

Factory direct brands


with reliable, established brands to provide you with a good variety of products – our partners include Winda, Magus, Raccoon, and Happy Family.

Flexible container dropship program

you can import a full container of a brand or have a consolidated container mixed with multiple brands.  

Private label sourcing

We can help you to source your own label from the top factories.  Our staff in China can help you to do sourcing, QC and the export process.


Fireworks Factory Direct?

Fireworks Factory Direct connects you directly to the top factories in China.  Therefore, you are guaranteed to get more reliable products at the best container dropship price.  We remove the middleman cost so you can contact us directly for the lowest possible price.

Our exclusive factory brands partner with the best fireworks factories.  We only distribute the best selections from their production.  Every item in our selection is guaranteed as top-of-the-line and is made the same, best quality every year. 

108 logo jpg.png


  • this is from the high quality factory 108, who manufacturers of many of the top 500g cakes.



  • specializes in budget 500g cakes and 200g cakes.  A great balance between price and performance.



  • factory “Chili fireworks” the fame fountain factory

Our partnering brands also partner with the following recognized brands to provide you with more varieties.  Your consolidated container can include selected products from those manufacturers.

Magnus Fireworks-01.png
Magvalue Fireworks.png
Neon Fireworks-01.png


  • factory “NanDa” Roman Candles

dark knight -01.png


  • factor “HuanQiu” where the powerful reloadable was made



  • Factory specialize in Sparklers